My name is Dallas Pruitt and I’m a graphic and motion designer. I have a BA in Graphic Design with a minor in Integrated Marketing (Tabor college) as well as a MA in Motion Media Design (Savannah College of Art & Design). I've been working in the industry professionally since 2010. Throughout my professional career, I’ve been blessed to work with great agencies, people, and clients that have helped sharpen and shape my creative career.
I love the unique projects that graphic design brings, but logo design is a great passion of mine. I love the opportunity to listen to clients as they dream about their business and turning those thoughts into a mark that they can proudly stand behind.
I also love to tell stories, and motion graphics is the perfect avenue to do it. Whether it’s a video explaining a complex subject, bringing life to a still photo, creating hype for an event or product, or just something to make someone smile, motion graphics is a memorable way to connect with those who watch it.
My process is pretty simple. After meeting and having clearly defined goals and scope of the work every project starts the same...by putting a pencil to paper. I'm a firm believer in starting things off this way as I feel this is where the foundation for great work is established. Once a direction and concept is agreed on based on the projects goals, I go to work making the idea come to life. Depending on the project, this stage can move quickly or take some time. When the artwork is ready for review, I will present the project and work with the client to make any adjustments that need to be made.
The creative process is a fun one, but can be intimidating to. I work very hard to make sure that my clients feel at home and as involved in the process as they want to be.

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